May 152015

Are you looking to expand the range of your wireless in your business or organization, due to poor wifi coverage in certain areas of your building?

Do you want to improve your security by adding HD cameras either indoors our outdoors that have the ability to not only capture video, but audio as well?

Imagine if you worked on a dairy farm and spent a lot of time across the farm in other buildings, working with cows, collecting an enormous amount of statistical data on paper, just to have to go back to the office and enter it all into the computer again. What if you had wifi access and could enter the data into a tablet which in turn would automatically update itself on your computer in the barn office?

What if you owned an auto dealership. Your sales person is talking with a potential customer. You overhear them saying, “That’s a good question, but I need to go to my computer and look that up for you. Wait right here while I go get that information.” As they walk away, the excitement in the prospects eyes begins to dim as the minutes tick away. What if the sales person could look up the required information right on the spot with their tablet or laptop instead… they can close the sale?

What if your home is just large enough that your wireless signal from your router just doesn’t quite make it far enough to the other end of the house where you like to sit with your laptop while watching TV?

What if you not only wanted to provide password protected wifi access to your employees for sharing information and printing, but you also wanted separate public access for your visitors just so they can get on the internet?


We have recently been testing out a line of high-powered access points, security cameras, and other related products with some of our customers with great success using UniFi from Ubiquity Networks. They have a large variety of routers, access points, antennas, security cameras, and more. They offer centralized management through a web-based control console. You can manage hundereds or even thousands of devices at a time through your console so it makes implementing and managing a large number of devices a breeze.


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